My Experiences of Finnishness

I absolutely love Finland and everything about it (except bees and snakes). I think we are very lucky to be born in a beautiful country like this and that our system works quite well compared to some other countries. 

Here are some of my thoughts about Finland and Finnishness:


Here are some of the best things about Finland´s seasons in my opinion:

WINTER (December till March)

Winter in the city

  • snow, coldness
  • christmas, Santa Claus
  • Lappland
  • sports; skiing, hockey

SPRING (March till May)

Finnish spring

  • World Championship at ice hockey
  • First of May
  • Easter, bonfire, Finnish Easter pudding “mämmi”

SUMMER (June till August)

Suomi lake

  • Nature; wonderful views, weather gets warmer, lakes, ocean, big country
  • Middle summer; summer cottage, barbecue, sauna, swimming in the lake, rowing
  • Music festivals
  • Car racing events
  • Market, berries, ice cream
  • Amusement parks

FALL (September till November)


  • Leaf fall down the trees
  • Air gets a bit colder and the feeling is great!



Finnish provinces tempt to have different dialects depending on the province. I think dialects are one of the greatest things about Finnishness – I absolutely love some of them! Provinces divide into the falloving areas:

  • Western Finland (This is where my current hometown Tampere is – it´s the third largest city in Finland)
  • Southern Finland (our capital city Helsinki places here)
  • Northern Finland (lovely winter Lappland)
  • Eastern Finland (love the savo dialect)



We Finns attempt to have mutual features in our behavior and characters.

  • Honest, reliable
  • We have this thing called “sisu” which makes us do things even though it is hard or almost impossible
  • We have crazy ideas; The Dudesons, wife carrying championchips, beer floating etc.
  • Independence; good and free education system, good health care
  • We do need our own space.
    Buss stop
    Picture of Finns in a buss stop.


Finland and Finnishness is also so much more, but this was just a quick view to it. Hope you liked it!

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