Why I love Finland

I am very proud of my home country. Our country is beautiful. We can live safe and our health care is free. Most of us have jobs and our school system is one of the best in the world. I love to see different countries but it is always good to be back at home. I am going to tell you couple things why i love to be Finnish.


Finnish nature is something that everyone should see. We have thousands of lakes and forests. We have four seasons which colors our nature with amazing touch even tough we have lot of rainy days. In Winter we have snow, in autumn we have fall colors. Thats not so usual in other countries. This also enable many different activities. Skiing and downhill skiing, skating, hiking, mushroom and berry picking, swimming in a lake etc. are very popular with finnish people and also with tourists.




My favourite thing in my home country is Sauna. When it is getting cold outside finnish people heats up their saunas almost every day. Some of us also like to go swim after sauna to the ice cold water. It is fun that we use sauna also in summer. Many finnish people have summer gottage. Each of them have sauna. So it is usual heat sauna in summertime and splash to the lake to cool off.




One of the proudest things here is Finnish National Icehockey Team. Finnish people are not so good in many sports, but when we play icehockey we are world-renowned. We support loud. We are also very proud of our javelin throwers. After big competition you can read many articles about these sports. I like to watch every game or competition where is Finnish team or athlete.



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