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I love Finland for it’s honesty. Finnish people are not particularly polite and they might lack the understanding of small-talk but they are usually very honest and trustworthy people. I have heard Finnish people described as rude and quiet and I think that’s easily the first impression, because they tend to open up slowly. Finns don’t care for jibber-jabber so if they have nothing important to say, they stay quiet. I find that to be a good quality but that might be just because I myself am a Finn. To me Finns are down to earth and they don’t get particularly franctic about anything and like to live their own private lives. Finns like to complain about things and I find them to be quite complexed about many things such as the weather. Many say they love our four seasons but yet it always comes as a surprise when days get shorter and the fall comes. Winter is always too long and summer is never sunny enough. If there is a Finnish small talk issue, it’s most certainly about the weather.


Finland has beautiful nature and especially Lapland with it’s Northern lights is magical. Finland consists mainly of forests and lakes so nature describes Finnishness to the fullest. Finns are not afraid to get down and dirty and the cabin culture here in Finland is blooming. Us Finns we love our own space and don’t feel so comfortable in crowded places. Cabins are just the places to be one with the nature and relax in a small group of people. Sauna, lake and beer, that’s all a Finn would ever need.


treats from the forest

Tampere – the best city in Finland 😉

And then there is also a major part of the essence of Finnishness and that’s Tampere, for sure. 😀 The people in Tampere are warm, relaxed and helpful. If one is visiting the beautiful country of Finland, one should make sure to stop by at Tampere, drink some local beer at Plevna and get to know some locals to know more about Finnishness. It’s an ever-changing subject and I believe that slowly but surely Finns are also adapting to a more diverse and international culture.


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  1. Wonderful reflections, Heta and many of your observations ring true for people who’ve moved here from other countries. If you’re interested in the thoughts of newcomers on life in Finland and their journeys to this frontier land then you might be interested in – 100 stories reflecting on what brings people to this country. PS. I loved your line “Sauna, lake and beer, that’s all a Finn would ever need.” – many people who’ve moved here from other countries begin to think the same.

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