Few reasons to love Finland

Nature is always near

It’s really easy to take forests and lakes for granted when you are living in Finland. Wherever you are, there is always nature near you. Even if you are living in some of the biggest and most crowded cities in Finland, there is always a forest or a lake nearby. For me that is one of my favorite things about Finland, because nature makes me feel so at ease. It is really hard for me to imagine not having nature close by since I have lived my whole life swimming in clean lakes and running in forests. In Finland air is fresh, lakes are mostly very clean and there is trees as far as the eye can see. And not to forget about Lapland which is one of the most magical places on Earth with its northern lights, snow and majestic landscape.img_3786

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I feel like there is always some kind of a holiday going on in Finland. Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s day and Halloween aren’t such a big deal in Finland, we have our beloved holidays, that we celebrate with all our passion. May Day with Sima (special lemonade made from lemons, brown sugar and yeast), balloons, picnics and students in their coveralls. Gathering in a summer cottage with your friends and family on Midsummer, swimming in a lake, barbecue food and (most likely) some alcohol. And as the land of Santa Claus, Christmas is obviously a big deal in Finland. There are some Christmas-crazy people (like me) that start impatiently waiting for that magical holiday in October. Christmas carols, advent calendars, cookies and chocolate.. Best time of the year!



Feeling of safety

In this crazy world I can’t help but be thankful for being born in Finland, which was recently named as the safest country in the world. Here we can walk outside when it is dark without feeling scared, here children can walk home alone after school and people can get cash from the cash machines without the fear of getting robbed. Of course there is awful things happening here also, but the criminal rate is very low in comparison to other countries. It is a luxury to feel this safe in today’s world, and we should appreciate that.

All pictures are taken by me.

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