Tips for experiencing Finnishness

When talking about Finland, it is hard to describe what Finnishness is. No matter what nationality it is, I think you need to experience it yourself before you know what it really is. However, there is something I can tell you about Finnishness.

This year will be big for Finland; we will celebrate our 100-year-old independent state.


In honour of Finland’s 100th anniversary, I wanted to list some traditions that make us a Finn. Try out and feel the Finnishness as well!

Explore the nature

Finland is called the “land of a thousand lakes” and no wonder, since there are about 188 000 lakes in the country. But Finnish nature is more than just the lakes; there are also a lot of forests in Finland. And because Finland is quite small country, wherever you are, nature is always close to you. And it really has a calming effect.


Nowadays I really appreciate the clean nature of Finland. There’s a short story about that. I was in Thailand in last winter with my friend and at the end of the trip I got a dengue fever. My friend went back to Finland and I had to stay in the hospital in Thailand. Then I realized how safe country Finland is to live. It is said that sometimes you have to go far to see close and I think it is pretty relevant phrase for this one.

Relax your mind at summer cottage

Many of Finnish people have their own summer cottage. That is the best way to spend a summer weekend with a family or with friends – barbecuing, swimming in a lake and just enjoying a peaceful environment.
In summer we have also that magical midnight sun in Finland. Never ending sunlight, nightless nights… love it!


Go to sauna and take a dip in icy water

Finns have also some other traditional habits such as sauna and ice hole swimming. Both of these leave you a relaxed and refreshed feeling. Finns just love these two things, especially the sauna.


I would like to end this blog post with this fact:

Finland is the third best travel destination in the world in 2017. How cool is that!

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