Finnishness for me

Being a finn is just as easy as being a part of any cultural group. Just be yourself. And at the same time you are part of the group. You don’t have to have anything same with anyone on the group and you are still a part of it. In your mind you have something together, your two feelings.

Envy. Finnish people envy a lot. They really do. They might not show it, but you can see it. If your neighbor buys a new car. You begin to see that car’s around that new car begin to change to, at least they will be washed so it seems they are as good as the neighbor’s car.

We envy our neighboring country’s too. If Finland was not able to make it onto playoff’s or win in World Cup it doesn’t matter. But if Sweden or Russia makes it that’s bad. That’s why we have so much beautiful green lakes. They have turned green from envying so much.

Unsure. Finnish people are usually unsure.  They really do. You might notice it once you get to talk with them. If we go back to the point where the neighbor bought a new car, and other neighbors were a bit jealousy. The thoughts in the new cars owner goes like this “Did I use too much money? Everybody must think I have won a lottery. I hope they wont notice I have gotten a new car. Should I say I inherited it from my dad ?” He/She can’t take the pride of his new car.

Those both features, unsure and envy are basic block’s in us. That’s why some of us don’t like to talk. They feel unsure what to say. And think it’s disturbing to talk. Some show the unsureness by talking lot.

This blog post doesn’t represent writers ideology. Take this writing as a joke.

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