Finnishess as a trait

It is true that you can tell who are Finnish in a group of international people. Even though we shouldn’t generalize, it is certain that this is a fact, I have discovered that myself. There are many traits from which one can recognise another. Uncertainty, shyness, humbleness, jealousness, strength, unsatisfied, complaining, silence and the list goes on.

We are strong people with sisu, a cultural construct that is described though a combination of various English words and terms. It means acting against the odds even if the situation feels impossible. We still do not give up. Living in this country is itself challenging with the long dark and rainy periods when you would think to get depressed but we see the light in the end of the tunnel. At the same time when we are strong, we have this uncertainty and humbleness that keeps us from reaching to the top. The fear of losing is too big but still not permissive for another people’s win. Sometimes even too humble to ask what one really wants and often getting easily run over by for example Swedish people as a great example. They have the daring that we are still missing.


Now I have been writing only all about how boring people we Finnish people are. That is not the case. Finnish people are like Moomins, they stay inside and sleep during the winters and wake up to celebrate when the summer is here. In the summer, we awake and lid up to enjoy the warm weather – if the weather is against us, we still just keep complaining about it over and over again. We have a beautiful nature to explore, amazing sunsets, archipelago and cottage life. The nature is really the richness ofthis country and the people. Sometimes it’s good to go to the other side to realize that the grass isn’t always greener there. Too many people are complaining about their life even though they have it all quite well compared to some other life standards elsewhere.








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