The long dark winters and nightless nights of the summer.

When talking about Finland with foreign people I got asked a lot about Finnish winter and summer. How the winter is so dark and could and at the midsummer the sun stays up all night.

The winters in Finland are could and you never seem to see a sunlight. During October the days in Finland start getting shorter and shorter. From November to January the days are very short and dark. You go to school in the darkness and return home in the darkness, you may be lucky when you look out of the class window and see some light.


But even though the could and darkness may sound depressing, you can still enjoy the winter. The ground is covered in snow with a beautiful ice surface. In the winter you have multiple possibilities to play winter sports. Seeing men and women, young and old playing Ice hockey, skating and skiing it`s a wonderful side of Finnish winter. Not to forget the Lapland and the magical northern lights.

When you smell someone grilling you know the Finnish summer has started. The days are getting longer and the best part of the Finnish summer is getting closer, the midsummer. The midsummer is at the end of June and it’s the favorite holiday for many. Finns usually spends this holiday by going to cottage with family or friends. Enjoying the beautiful nature of Finland away from the city, Swimming at the lakes, grilling and going to sauna is the best way of relaxing.

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