Thoughts on Finland

What first come to my mind when someone asks me about Finland? Without a doubt I would say grayness, slush, slippery roads, rainy summers, people who look like they are always coming from someone’s funeral, ice hockey that doesn’t interest me at all…But when I’m starting to think about our country and culture more closely, it’s not that bad at all.

My favorite thing in Finland is absolutely the nature. Even I’ m not a winter lover, I can’t help admiring the shimmering snow and the “blue moments” in the winter evening. My own favorite season is absolutely the spring, when the sun is shining warmly, snow is smelting and the green color takes its own place back again.  I love those green fields and forests in the summer and the beautiful blue lakes of course. Even the rain is not only negative thing: it’s kind of nice to sit in the summer cottage reading a good book and listen the rain dropping to the ceiling. And the fresh smell after rain, oh dear!

The nature means a lot to me, but most of all I appreciate that every morning I can wake up feeling myself safe. Don’t have to worry about war, violence, political conflicts or natural disasters. I can spend days doing what I want and study the occupation of my dreams for free (except for taxes of course). I also know that I have good health care if I get injured or sick. And thanks for the equality we all have the same rights despite of gender, religion or property. So maybe next time when I’m starting to whine about the cold weather or some other pointless things I remember those good facts of our country instead.

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  1. Sesilia, Your photos are beautiful. You have a good attitude about not whining when there are so many things to be grateful for in Finland. Weather is a natural event everywhere, and we must all “put up” with the seasons that stress us the most. I live in Colorado, USA. My city is in a valley next to the Rocky Mountains on the east side of the range. Today it is snowing and cold, tomorrow the sun will shine and warm spring
    weather will return. That is typical for April here, cold one day, warm the next day.

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