Finland story

Getting ready for my exchange actually went in Munich, while doing my internship.

Englischer garten in Munich. Absolutely love it because it reminds me of Finland and is in the middle of the city.

Things that I will definitely miss from Finland are of course the simple things like big selection in the supermarkets, clean tap water and people`s honestly. It goes without saying that every place has their pros and cons, but as a Finnish person these things are self-evident. Thing that I`m going to miss is safety – In Finland you can basically go to have a walk at 1am and you will still be safe.

Like said I have been preparing to my exchange abroad, in different country than the one where I will go to do my Erasmus and it has still given me a lot of thought which things are better in Finland and which abroad. While my stay in Munich I absolutely loved the working Metro system (incl. S-bahn, U-banh, Tram and the busses), in Finland busses work okay, but when you have more options it becomes like a luxury thing compared to Finland. From personal experience, I know that in Italy where I`m going, public transport does not work that well, but it is also a matter that you`ll get used to.

Something that also is kind of a shock every time you go to abroad and deal with people from different countries is how to salute them. In Finland, you know that you either shake hands in more official occasions and with your friends you hug them. Outside Finland, there are 20 different ways to salute and especially when you give cheek kisses the question is that how many and which side to start from. Luckily there are easy rules which make you learn fast, but as a Finnish person you would obviously go for the handshake if you don`t know the person and not for cheek kisses.

I am super excited to go to abroad to do my Eramus and will take all the “essentials” like Fazer chocolate and ryebread with me.

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