We are not that bad

Finnish people can be very closed, unfriendly and cold when meeting with someone…. when described by Finnish people. However, when you ask a foreigner after their stay how did they like Finland, almost every time people will say they loved Finland and Finnish people. Often you hear words like warm, helpful and friendly when someone describes their interactions with a Finn.

This might or might not be because one would say that Finnish people are humble about themselves. Which is somewhat true, we may not like to brag about things: we are just glad everything goes smoothly. Until we win something, be it ice hockey tournament or one football match, then we go crazy and are super proud about ourselves. Also, when we get a little bit tipsy (possibly after some win), we will be the friendliest creature you will ever meet. But in everyday life, we just like to mind our own stuff and not to interrupt what others are doing.

And this is the beauty of the Nordic, majestic and humble tribe called Finns; we won’t mind your business and we will give you your personal space in public, but if you try to achieve a closer relationship, next thing you know is you are sitting naked in a room around 90 degrees Celsius drinking vodka with people you have known for only days, possibly less.

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