Here is one thing that popped on my mind thinking about Finnishness. I think it’s one of the biggest differences between other countrys.

Finnish people are not the most social kind. If you don’t need to speak, why would you talk to stangers? That is one thing that I hate in Finns. But also thing that I can relate. When I travel, I like to talk to strangers everywhere, often I continue it in Finland. People always answears, hardest part is to start the conversation. I was visiting in Berlin last spring, in the metro people didn’t play with their smartphones or listen music with their headphones. People were watching others, but not a bad way, like curiously and kindly smiling. Everywhere we went, people came to talk with us. I was getting take-away coffee and talked with two strangers at the same time. It felt casual. After Berlin I thought that I would continue it in Finland, because it made me feel good.

In Finland I saw one lady with a fabulous jacket. I wanted to go compliment it to her, but because we were in Finland I had to collect some courage first. I watched her from a distance, slowly went towards her. I was already next to her and almost said it, but she turned her head and I just smiled to her. I thought that how ridiculous I was and then I just said it. She said thanks and that’s it. In Finland we don’t do this, compliment eachothers (except drunk ofc). “Was it sarcasm?” Or why did he said that. That’s sad.

Times when I can relate to this silentness and minding my own bussiness. After work or school I just want to spend some me-time. Listen music and not talk to strangers on the bus. No-one can always feel like talking to strangers.

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