I’m just finishing my one month holiday in Bali before my 4 month exchange in Seoul, South Korea. So..technically not following the task given (“before the take-off”) but because I kind of feel bad about it and I’m being honest about it – I guess I’m giving a great example about what is like to be a Finn.

Here are some things about finnishness and stuff that I appriciate (and miss) about Finland.


Honesty and straight forwardness  

Dont ask a Finn if you want the truth sugarcovered. Small talk about shallow topics don’t usually intrest people in Finland. If you ask a Finn prepare yourself for a truthfull answer – whether its about how they are doing in life or how you did your work. But on the other side –  if they give you a compliment they usually mean it.

Also as a person who has lost her wallets and bags and all kinds of stuff countless of times I know that Finns are trustworthy and always returning lost items to lost and found. Thank god for that!



Finnish is a beautiful language with a lot of intresting words to play with. You can see this in a song lyrics. Most of the finnish songs are actually lyrically really witty, beautiful, poetic and have a lots of meanings.

Even most of the songs that are consired as “juntti” or “bogan” are actually brilliant. For excample Marraskuu – Miljoonasade (everyone go and listen to that NOW)

Ohi syyskuun                                                                      Through September
Läpi repaleisen lokakuun                                             Through tattered October
Kaipuun kaljakori kilisee                                              The crate of beer of Longingness tinkles
Yli taivaan                                                                            Across the sky
Päivät niinkuin varisparvi                                            Days like a group of crows
Raahautuu                                                                          Are being dragged

The crate of beer of Longigness. Amazing.


Drinking from the tab

Fresh cold water from a tab. What a lovely priviledge.



Using and understanding sarcasm is one of my favourite things in a person. Finnish people have a great sense of humor that is mostly based on a sarcasm and making fun of things that go wrong in life. 

Using humour as a defence – definately finnishness.



Learn to enjoy it! Finns know how to. The best friends are recognised on a ability to be with someone silent and not getting uncomfortable while doing that.

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