Finnish cultural life

When searching for something else than being alone in silence in the middle of a forest, Finland can offer you a really vast and varying cultural environment. At least in the bigger towns there is always something happening. It can be a film festival or a film competition like Uneton48 or techno music event in the center or a few kilometres away in a huge empty factory, like in Kuivaamo (in Tampere, Lielahti).

In the summer there are smaller music festivals in the middle of a beautiful countryside, like Kosmos Festival and loads of bigger ones like Flow in Helsinki. You can find places to listen to jazz and blues during the week or go to play board games with your friends or even strangers. In the end of the summer there’s Taiteiden yö (“The Night of the Arts”) where you can find art shows and good food and events like walking your dog with hundred other people or go to spot bats with others.

All these events are a good way to socialize and see how people here are actually quite friendly and social. To me, Finland isn’t only the peaceful nature, but a colourful small country with its quirky cultural life where everybody can find something in their liking.

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