How I became more Fin

In my four year that I have lived in Finland, I reached to a point where I can recognise how much my behaviour have changed to become more Fin one way or another. I find it fascinating how most persons behaviour and attitudes can change once he or she move to another country and try to blend with its people.

Finns do really appreciate and mostly strive for personal space. A first time visitor may interpret those behaviors as shy, quiet and in some cases even rude. But it is actually the contrary, it is that they do not want to bother people. This why they come across as not really chatty. For example it is unlikely to find to strangers sitting next to each other in the bus unless there is no other available spot. It is a behavior that I have picked almost instantly, while it made me realize how much respecting others personal space is important in this culture as well as it became part of me.

Another famous aspect of a Finn´s personality is their love of coffee. It is some thing that is absolutely. Whenever I came to Finland I did not like coffee at all but at the moment I can´t imagine my day going without at least one cup of coffee. It goes as far as that at my parents house when everybody is at home we finish one bag of coffee daily. Yes it is that good.

Finns in general tend to follow rules and regulations. That being school or even road regulations. One example which I thought was pretty cute. Is the picture on the right. Which was taken in Tampere where the triangle sign was placed in the side walk for pedestrians and pikers. The area is actually not that busy, but I do really appreciate the attention to details.

These were some examples of how some of my behaviors have changed to become more Finn, just by living here and spending time with locals.

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