Finland- home of punctual people

Finland is a place for people who enjoy meaningfull conversations, occasional silence and cold weather. Finns don’t like to fill the silent pauses in a conversation with meaningless chit-chat, when we talk, we talk about real stuff. Sometimes the ”realtalk” might even be while we are drunk.

FInlands nature in my oppinion is one of the most beautifull one in the world beacause of the variation of it. We have four very different seasons that all show different things in nature. In wintertime everything is frozen and covered in white. All the hundreds of lakes we have are frozen and filled with holes to go swimming to after you’ve gone to sauna. The spring bring all the color back in the nature and all the trees and plants start blooming. Summers are warm and lures most of the Finns to bar terraces to enjoy a good beer and laugh woth friends. Autumn brings forward the beautifull fall colors wich we call ruska (thats when all the leafs turn brown/red).

Finnish mindset is very work and goal oriented. I think when finnish people start doing something, they do it all the way trough. We are very precise with our time management. Allmost all the time we are punctual if not a little early. No one will be very happy or understanding if you get to a meeting fifteen minutes late.

If you think you can have good conversation, be on time and enjoy some dark humor you will get along great with finnish folks.

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