Finland – The home of solitude and metal music

Finland is known to be the home of metal music with the most metal bands per capita (630). Though it’s a fact that not all finnish people like the heavy and often depressing music, Finland is still widely known for bands like Lordi, HIM, Nightwish and Ensiferum for example.

So while we Finns let our hair grow and spend our time without protecting our hearing in the infamous moshpits we are also very trustworthy, generous and thoughtful when it comes to other people. The various themes many metal bands sing about (like solitude, being alone, loneliness, etc.) are also the facts of life in someway for almost everybody in this cold and barren country.

Many Finns are very good at socializing but it often comes with a toll – we need lots of time for ourselves. For example the common bus to work is a wonderful time to be alone without noticing any of the other passengers.

Other noticiable themes considering Finns are that we are also very humble, melancholic and we don’t like to be the center of attention. These are also common themes in the Finnish metal music.

So when you next time arrive to Finland don’t be afraid to stop by and start a little chitchat – you’d be surprised how much we suck at it.

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