Finnishness to us

Finnish nature is one of the most important thing to us about Finnishness. There is four so different seasons as you can see from these pictures.

Finland is known about its breath taking nature. Finland can be divided into three different areas: archipelagoes and coastal lowlands, a slightly higher central lake plateau and uplands to north and northeast.

One picture is worth a thousand words:

Lapland, Autti

Lapland, Pyhä

Lapland, Rovaniemi

Lapland, Vikajärvi

West coast of Finland, Yyteri

West coast of Finland, Merikarvia

West coast of Finland, Kallo


Southest point of Finland, Hanko

Central Finland, Leivonmäki

(kuva Marko Kauko, Savon sanomat)

Central Finland, Himos

Also summer cottages, saunas and long drinks remind us about Finnishness.



Mira Siljavaara & Aino Sävelä


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