When I think about Finnishness, thoughts that come to my mind are all the opposites we have. I mean at least for myself I can say that I love to be all by myself in the nature and peace, but also going out with my friends and having a good time. We have winters with the even -30 degrees weather and summers when the temperature sometimes rises up to +30 degrees (in both cases we are able to go swimming in the lake :D). Many of us love the dark and salty liquorice but also the taste of light and sweet vanilla.


Of course these are just some random examples, but I think it shows that we have variation in our lives. Many may think (probably mostly Finnish people themselves) that we are just average people who live a very monotonous or unvaried life, but I think that we don’t always realize how varied our life is. I believe that we are just used to all the things happening around us, such as the four completely different seasons (ALWAYS check the weather forecast before leaving the house).

Anyways, I really appreciate Finland as my home country. I have been able to grow in a land that has a lot to offer in a safe and open way.

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