My Experiences of Finnishness

Karhunkierros, Kuusamo September 2019

Today’s tourism culture, globalisation and the constant evolution of world have done to make the world famous for Finns and Finland famous for the world. In few short years we have in Finland lot more tourists from Asia countries and all over the world. At same time we travel lot more and now days Finland have a reputation all over the world. In my experience, when you say you are from Finland you get more and more often approving gaze or comment: “I have visited in Helsinki.” or “I know Kimi Räikkönen.” All over world Finland is known for its athletes. For example, Kimi Räikkönen (the Iceman), Matti Nykänen, Teemu Selänne and Janne Ahonen. One common saying, which is connected to sports, is “Torilla tavataan!” That means “We meet at the plaza!”

Some years back, the most common stereo types of Finns were negative, fortunately no more. Finnish tourists don´t need to be ashamed of each other anymore, because in now days Finns are well behaved and reliable. We pay, what have asked, we are always on time or early and we speak other languages properly. Finland have a good reputation in the world.

Top of Levi, January 2020

Finland have succeeded at selling the Lapland´s “Winter Wonderland” for tourists, especially tourists from Asia. In Lapland we have reindeer safaris, husky safaris, ski resorts and much more. Tourists come to see aurora borealis and meet the Santa Claus. With Lapland, the most popular tourist destination is the capital of Finland, Helsinki. When the tourism is focused at these two main destinations Finland have lots of beautiful nature destinations and other Finland cities have something to give to tourists.

The Finland´s specialties are sauna, salty liquorice and the Moomins. Sauna = the hot wooden room.  The Moomins are very popular in Japan, but you can find the Moomin themed shops all over the world. I have found them in London, the Great Britain and Helsinki (of course) and I know that in Japan have couple of the Moomin shops. The Moomins have become more popular with the new television series, Moomin Valley.  We also have the Moomin World, here in Finland, in Naantali! Finland also have the world´s only the Moomin museum in Tampere.

All in all Finland is a very good place to live.

Video of Helsinki

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