My Experience of Finnishness

What I miss and don’t miss about Finland when travelling?

Answering the question above is the easiest way to notice what’s different or special about Finland.

Well, the first thing that I notice when away is the maybe the finish temper. Its actually almost famous worldwide. People think that Finnish people are really introvert and I’m not even disagreeing. Its really rare that someone tries to start a conversation with you without a really good reason. It starts with not even looking others in the eyes or greeting while for example passing them on the streets. If you manage to start a conversation Finns are actually really friendly people. You may notice that the conversations skills may be a bit rusty at the beginning but that’s understandable because of the lack of training. People often tell me that I’m really social for a Finn. I normally answer that that’s because I’m half Austrian. 😉


The next thing is kind of obvious. The Finnish nature is one of a kind. We have so much nature compared to cities and industry. The fact makes the air in Finland very pure and clean. Its really easy to go hiking and find peaceful places in Finland. I do appreciate that a lot but after some time you really miss the action.

Finnish people commonly hate the bureaucracy and VR which basically is the national train company. I think the lack of appreciation results from not knowing of worse. After spending time in “less organized” countries I really miss how well everything works in Finland!

“Kaikki toimii kuin junan vessa” “Everything works like a toilet in a train”

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