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My Experiences of Finnishness

Finland has been perfect place to live sor far. We have everything you need for a healthy life. Our education is the best of the whole world and public healthcare works pretty well even though we complain from it all the time.. If you compare it to some other European country you’ll see that we don’t have anymore anything to complain about. We have just got used to so good and practically free healthcare.

When you talk about Finnishness with other people around the world, there are always few common topics: Sauna, drinking culture, weather and nature.

Sauna is the most finnish thing that you can imagine. Finns love sauna and there are saunas in almost every apartment. Well… not in every apartment but we still have a lot of Saunas 🙂 People go there together totally naked and I think that is weird thing to foreign people. Man and woman together in the small hot room and totally naked is really Finnish thing.

If you go to drinking with a finn you’ll see that the drinking culture is totally different compared to other European countries. Basically the main mission is just to drink as much as you can and getting drunk. In other countries the purpose is more like meeting friends, having couple drinks and have a lot fun at the same time.

Finnish nature is really beautiful. We have thousands of lakes and that’s why Finland is also called “the country of thousands of lakes”. Most of the Finns also have summer cottage next to a lake and we go there on summer weekends with friends or family. Normally those cottages are out of use in the winter time.

What comes to a Finnish weather.. Basically there are normally really short summer and the temperature is rarely more than 25 degrees. Normally there are also a lot of rainy days during the 3 months long summertime. There are also really cold in the winter but Finns are used to it so it’s not that bad for us. in the winter the temperature can be up to -25 degrees.