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My Finnishness

After visiting about 25 different countries and living in different ones like UK, US.

I can say Finland is one of the best places to be. Finland is a different world of its own with unique people, In general Finns are smart, intelligent, independent, trustworthy.

In my opinion, the quality of life in Finland is one of the best.

In terms of education, compared to all other places that I have had the privilege to study, Finland remains on top.

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In my on words, i’ll describe Finnishness as strong, loyal , patriotic, peaceful, advanced, resilient, free and blessed with nature.

Finland is a beautiful country with a rich historical background, with Tampere as my base, I love my city. I cannot talk about Finland without talking about the Finnish winter ( It is a special experience). You want to experience it at least once in a life time. Make sure you visit Lapland in during Christmas period.

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