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My Experiences of Finnishness

Evil skies over Kasiniemi 2019.

Finnishness is a way of life that means equality, freedom, nature and northern oddity.  I look my experiences from a pretty average Finnish family living in the suburban areas, in a peaceful society that have given me free education and healthcare. A blueprint that can be easily shared with almost any regular fin, and yet still be able to create your own path freely. This gives a strong feeling of equal rights that we have in Finland.

By having mostly equal backgrounds, there is a plenty of space for openness and freedom to express yourself in our society. However Finnish people tend to look outside little bit introverted, but it just respecting others personal space to make room for everyone to create and express themselves. Throughout my life I have had a freedom to express and explore myself in arts and music, which wouldn’t be always the case if we would have come from different cultural background.

Nature is also one of the key elements to finnishnes, that you can clear see only when you have travelled other countries. Living in the land of a thousand lakes, having purest water and air makes life much easier and safer in million ways. Having the four seasons affects how we behave and what kind seasonal activities we have. Coping with the dark times of the year we have come up with weird rituals such as ice swimming. Dipping in to ice cold water straight from hot sauna, can help you to get through the long winter, but also reminds you how we all are equal in the end of the day. Putting our naked butts next to each other in a crowded sauna without roles and uniforms.