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Few things about Finnishness

Our clean nature

Very often when you talk about Finland, you tell something about our nature, and I understand that very well. Nature is thing that finns are very proud of. Here you can enjoy cleanliness of thousand lakes, see the beaty of countryside or enjoy a rugged landscape of Lapland. Also the differences between seasons is quite impressive.

Many finns has a hobby that is connected to a nature. You can fish, hunt, pick berries or hike, and those are just a few example. I like to move in nature by walking or with my mountain bike. Its just a great way to get away from it all for a moment and just enjoy silence and peace of nature. I live in Finlands third largest city, just two kilometers away from the central and still I find lake, park and jogging path just few meters from my apartment.

View of finnish lake


Midsummer – celebration of light and summer

Midsummer, juhannus in Finnish, is important celebration for many finns. Usually finns celebrate it in musicfestival, or then they go to countryside where they have summer cottage. I belong to the latter group. Finns gather around with their friends and relative to celebrate midsummer. Midsummer has a many traditions, but also many of the oldest traditions has been lost. But still, when you celebrate midsummer, you often see that birch tree has been brought near the house and people make bath whisk and go to sauna. And in the evening or near the midnight people gather around to see Midsummer bonfire. The Midsummer night is famous because there is just a few hours when the sun is down. Also, when you speak about midsummer, you cant speak about it by not mentioned the large amount of alcohol that finnish people drink.

Midsummer bonfire