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In Finland we are all in the same class

I want to tell you about this topic that I have been thinking lately. What separates Finland from many other countries? In Finland we all are in the same class. What I mean with that? Well I tell you.

In Finland we all are equal. The same is in many other countries too but in Finland we take it little bit more far. Like in the school classroom there is students and teacher but here we all work as a team for the goal. The teacher teaches and students learn but if maybe teacher says something that is wrong or there is many possible answers, students can say like: “Hey teacher, I think it should be this way” or something like that and the teacher is okay with that. And so it should go. Nobody is perfect here because we are all humans. But still this does not mean that students don’t  honor the teacher. Yes we do.

Other example of how we are in the same class is our president Sauli Niinistö. He reflects the entire Finnish people by his actions. Like in not so many countries the president calls to the popular radio program like any other ordinary citizen to ask about flowers and doesn’t even tell who he is. Or in not so many countries the president travels in low cost airlines tourist class when he has meeting with other countries leaders. etc. This shows really how we Finns are in our best. We have our own places and jobs and that’s it. Why the president should have his own over expensive jumbojet if there is scheduled flights to the same countries.


Finland was divided country for not so long time ago and there still lives people who has seen what it can cause at it’s worst if the people of nation turn against each other. I almost can say that it is good that we have gone throught that time because now we know that we don’t want it to happen again. We all need to remain as equal as possible.