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Something about Finnishness

Every Finn knows the most typical features in our culture like our silence in public places, saunas and steadfastness. But what really is typical for us? It is so difficult to analyze those things. One of my friend who is not living in Finland has said “There are no any difficulties to recognize Finnish types. It is obvious every one of you has a summer cottage in countryside and you spend as much time as you can there even if the weather would be awful.” And in question friend is not only one who has told that to me, so I think that the one of the most remarkable thing to Finnish culture probably is summer cottages.

Besides summer cottages there are a lot of forest, fields and lakes. All in all, we have multifaceted nature and just a few large cities. I as many others came small cities rather tiny towns. General saying is that if you blink your eyes in wrong place you drive past over the city. We do not have get used to live in cities, that is probably why the nature is important to Finnish culture, the nature is place where you can chill out and learn to enjoy the beauty of your life.

Finnish citizen are as well as known dismissive and reticent character who also have talent to complain tiny things, for example in traffic we get provoked if someone bypass us or behave aggressive. In addition, we have a bad habit to complain the weather, it is too hot or cold or windy or rainy. But the truth is we are actually truly happy with our non-special days in life.