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Everyman’s Finland

The freedom to roam Everyman’s right

Finnish people live in the middle of forests, lakes and peatlands. Everyman’s right is an important part of Finnish lifestyle. Everyman’s right means that all people in Finland can freely walk in forests, pick mushrooms and berries, boat, camp temporarily and so forth. People don’t need a permission from the land owner and neither do people have to pay for anyone to do things that are everyman’s rights.

Salamajärvi National Park 2016. Amazing three day hike in the wilderness.

Of course, when you have rights you also have responsibilities. It is not allowed to harm nature, make fire without permission, litter, disturb animals or hunt without appropriate permissions, etc. I think that everyman’s rights are a very significant for Finns. These rights give us a feeling of freedom. Many people go to nature to relax. Also, many nature related sports are quite popular such as skiing, orienteering, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and many other. Everyman’s right makes Finns more equal because everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy our beautiful country.

Finland has 39 national parks. National parks encourage Finns and tourists to go to nature and enjoy the beautiful wilderness. Finns appreciate their own space and that is one of the reasons why we want to enjoy the nature in our own peace.


Summer Festivals

Festivals are a big phenomenon in Finland in summertime. In winter Finns like to keep to themselves, but when the summer finally arrives Finns gather together for all kinds of festivals. Many successful heavy metal bands come from Finland like Nightwish for example.

Nightwish at Himos Park 2016.

Iskelmä music is very popular, too. Mainly a bit older audience likes iskelmä hits and likes to dance tango, but also some young people like it. Finnish summer is filled with all kinds of music festivals and also several other festivals.

 “If tar, liquor and sauna will not help the disease is fatal”.

Sauna is always mentioned when told about Finnish culture. Winters in Finland are rather cold and dark and saunas have provided us a hot place to warm up, have a bath, give birth and nurse sick people. There is this old Finnish saying about sauna’s healing powers: “If tar, liquor and sauna will not help the disease is fatal”. In some parts of Finland people have smoked meat in the sauna. Finns have even used sauna to get rid of evil spirits. Most Finns have their own sauna but public saunas are popular, too. Nowadays sauna is used mainly for bathing and relaxing, but still many people have a little sauna elf protecting their sauna.

(The pictures are taken by me.)

My finnishness story

My Finnish story became 2 years ago when I came to Tampere to study Energy and Environmental Engineering. I am not really afraid of adaptation during the exchange, since it can be no way harder than getting used to Finland. That was another culture and mentality, different pace of life and habits, another way of living and handling with things.

These two years taught me a lot and gave me a valuable experience of communication with various people. I even made Finnish friends, which is a big achievement J Apart from this, I have good connection with people from Asian, European and African countries. Now I can honestly say that I love Finnish way of living, by which I mean:

Finnish character (shy, but honest and willing to help). Obviously, foreigner without language knowledge is in trouble. But in Finland almost everybody speaks English, even elderly people. And people are pathetic! Also I can walk with the opened bag and nothing will be stolen from it. The funny thing is that finns are shy, but if you are lucky enough to know them closer, they are becoming talkative and active. Drunk finns are even more funny, but this another story 🙂

Finnish nature. I suppose it is not possible to list everything, but … Clean air, water and forests, beautiful lakes, northern lights and lots of animals. Sometimes I felt like there are more rabbits and squirrels than human creatures in the area of my residence.night-time-photos-of-finnish-landscape-by-mikko-lagerstedt-12-640x417

Jogging culture. Even freezing weather and snow cannot prevent people from going outside. The overall attitude to sports is impressive. At least, I definitely became sportier.  And during these 2 years I became a big hockey fan!

Coffee! It is served everywhere. It is drunk in liters and maybe even more than water.


Last, but not least: Finnish music. Not only metal bands (which are amazing!), but indie-rock and other music styles. Tremendous amount of concerts, gigs and festival. And this is amazing.
nightwish 0641966