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Finns are rather sporty

As a person from small town abroad, I enjoy living in Tampere very much in terms of sport life, because I like to do sports, especially winter ones as skiing and hockey and I like to do running to keep myself in shape. And I can easily do it here.

There are a lot of small and big parks with enough walking paths to do running, jogging or nordic walking. Also there are ice rinks almost in every yard. For skiing there are great places that are taken good care of, like Kauppi area as an example. It is pure joy to ski there. In my hometown, there is only one ski path in the forest and one ice rink, which are not always handled well enough 🙁 When my father visits me here, he always goes skiing.

When I go out running, skiing or any other activity I always see people training. And it’s great to see that any regular Finn can and does live sport lifestyle to some extend.
Once, we were waiting for our ship in Turku at 5 am and saw a woman running.
By the way, it was winter and quite snowy and cold day, by Finnish scale of course.
But it seems nothing can stop her from her morning running session.

Additionally, there are a lot of very young kids doing sports as well. They ski with their parents, skating like they were already born with ability to skate. When I go mountain skiing, I see also some very young kids going down by the slopes. They are so young, it makes me wonder – did they even learn to talk. But skiing seems easy for them, even if they are couple of years old only. It would be a shame if a few year old  boy or girl would overtake me on the slope 🙂  But I feel that it can easily happen, because Finns are good at sport and they are sporty from the very childhood. And it’s great.

No appropriate picture, so look at this one 😉

Winter sport in Finland



Finns are a winter sports people. Cross-country skiing is very popular. Ski trails to be found in Finland all over the country. This opportunity is excellent for a townie, as they can only pack the skis and rods to the car’s trunk, jump on the driveway and drive to the nearest landing location. They are easily found, for example, by the services provided by local authorities.
Ski trails are traditionally the knife blades that practice summertime running. The length of the loops varies, so the beginner and the more experienced knuckler can be found to be a suitable alternative. The municipalities run routes on the lorries, so the conditions are okay with a very fast timetable right after the snow comes down. Many enjoy the most from skiing in a tranquil environment where you can go in peace without someone receiving or interfering with skiing. Good places for such a situation can be found in rural areas or elsewhere in the sparsely populated area.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is very popular sports type. Ice hockey and its follow-up is a multi-Finnish winter hobby. The favorite team is closely watched. As the Finnish national team plays, the restrained Finns will be excited, especially if their success comes.

Downhill skiing

Downhill skiing and snowboarding are also very popular in Finland. In Lapland is many ski resorts. Southern Finland is also ski slopes, but they are shorter than in Lapland.


Nowadays, when there is not so much snow in the southern Finland in winter, skating has become more common. You can skate on the track or go farther to the lake to skate. Its very fun and fast.