What I feel about Finnishness is that we are very honest and because of that in Finland you can expect things to go smoothly. We are also very calm and maybe a little more quiet than people from other countries and we like our personal space. We enjoy spending time in groups but also alone. Personally I think that we like to separate our time at home and time out too much. For example the nearest café-house or bar doesn’t feel like a living room to us.

One recognizable thing in us Finns is that we don’t like to speak formally.  And the use of those many formal polite words doesn’t come naturally to us. Words like “Mister” or “Sir” are not in a great use and we do not have a word for “please”. I think that we might seem rude to foreigners from time to time but the thing is, we don’t mean to. When we face each other we are polite by our appearance and we understand each other’s behavior based on speaking tone. So when we interact we have this common understanding of what is good behavior. Some might even say that we have great non-verbal communication skills.

We are also very humble. In some ways that is a very good feature. For example we don’t like to interrupt others speech, that makes us good listeners and polite in a way. But also our humbleness has its negative sides. When a Finnish person takes pride and glory in something it’s not in-common that others see it as a bad thing. I think we should be more proud of our achievements and ourselves.



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