Finnishness in my mind

Being a finn isn’t just about blond hair and pale skin. It’s about being who you are and be proud of it. In Finland, we are able to represent our own values and respect others: one could say that equality and respect are the foundation of our society. In my point of view that’s what makes Finland such a great place to live and which should always be remembered.

When it comes to respecting others, the most showing part is that space-thing. One meter between friends, two between strangers, preferably hundred between houses, that’s how we’d like it to be. When the population density reaches 2 people per km2, it gets easier to breath and feel yourself. What a pity that this is possible mainly only in the Lapland (picture under) or Karelia.


Even though finnishness is often associated with stubborness, it doesn’t mean that we would try to hold back developmet. We have our school system (one of the best in the world by the way), universities and reseach centres. Every now and then some finnish or partly-finnish invention comes up and everyone’s all crazy about it. So quite important part of finnishness is finding new ways of doing things. Not being stuck to the old ways.

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