My Finnishness

Bright side: Mökki, nature and sauna

These are the most valuable things for me that I experience in Finland. There is really nothing like having a weekend or a week with friend at mökki, going to sauna, enjoying nature and maybe having a few brewery products.

I have heard from many foreign friends that they have visited Finland and loved it even though they have not tried sauna or weekend at mökki. I have told them that please visit again you have barely seen half of Finland.

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Dark side: Metal, drinking culture and/with salmiakki

These are some of the things that make a big gap or bonding between Finns and foreigners. Trying these might not be as shocking as going to sauna with bunch of naked people but still they can be the best or the worst experience.

Most of the people have heard of some Finnish metal band like Him or Nightwish. But if you decide to find out more about this music genre in Finland you may notice that you have been in the cute and classical side of metal. And if you want to taste something that goes nicely with Metal try candy or liquor called Salmiakki. (Actually we Finns offer Salmiakki to foreigners just to see a funny face but I have also met two foreigners who actually liked it!)


Finnish people in theory

When Cultures Collide by Richard D. Lewis, page 330, Finland: ‘’ The Finnish character remains mysterious to outsiders. ’’

According to The Lewis Model Finnish people are between Reactive and Linear-Active cultures, slightly on the side of linear active. So what does this mean?

The fact that we are not Multi-active like Latins etc. means that we are not that ‘’spicy’’, I would say. We do not do gestures with our hand when we speak and we are rather monotonic. We talk short, when we talk it is usually important and comfortable silence between friends or couples means that they are close to each other’s.

Being between Linear-Active and Reactive means that we have  a little bit of tendency in planning and being strictly on schedule (Linear) and habit of listening what others have to say and thinking carefully what to answer (Reactive).


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