My Experiences of Finnishness



The first thing that came to my mind about Finland is the nature. It is so amazingly beautiful, pure and variable. In summer time the nature is blooming and everything is so green and the lakes are just shimmering! Finland is called the country of thousands of lakes and it´s true, cause´ nearly every city have their own lake (not quite but almost). In autumn the nature is almost yellow, orange and brown at the same time. In autumn there is a Ruska in Lapland, in that time the colors are even more stronger in there than in the South of Finland. In winter time the nature change so dramatically, the green and orange color has changed to white. There is a lot of snow everywhere, at least in Lapland but if it is a good winter in the southern Finland there is also a lot of snow in there. Although it is quite dark most of the day in winter the snow brings up a little bit light everywhere. In the spring everything comes to life again and you can just be amazed every new thing that grows in the ground. I like Finnish nature because it´s so pure and you can just go to forest to relax and you don`t have to listen any traffic noises in there!






Sauna was the second main thing that came to my mind thinking about Finnishness. Yeap, most of the people may doesn´t know what is sauna cause´ there isn`t any english word of that but let me explain to you. Sauna is a room where is “kiuas” which gonna heaten up even by electricity or wood, the kiuas starts to develop warm by the stones to the room and when there is like 80 degrees you go there naked to sit down and relax the warmth. People usually throw water on the stones that it will starts make some moisture and more heat in the room. And if you like grill sausage you can put your sausage in the folio-pack and put it on to the stones. Everything is possible! Sauna is like a relaxing place for Finnish people, when you are stressed out you go to sauna, when you are feeling a little bit sick you go to sauna or when you just wanna purify yourself well you go to sauna. Oh, I almost forgot, in winter some people run out in the sauna and jump into snow and then come back to sauna to get to warm up again.



I just have to write about my biggest love in my life, it`s salmiakki. Salmiakki is a candy and it is usually colored black and It is almost like licorice but there is add some ammonium chloride in the taste. Salmiakki not sold any other countries than in Finland and some other Nordic countries too that´s  why it´s like our special thing. Oh god, it´s so good!  Salmiakki is at the same time sweet and salty. It´s hard to explain, you just have to try it! There is a lot of way to enjoy that candy for example pastilles, drinks, powder, ice-cream and chewing gum.  But be careful, if you eat too much salmiakki your blood pressure might rise!


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