About Finland

“If private schools are considered better, then why does the free education system works so well in Finland?” I saw this written in the internet once and started wondering the same as well. Finnish do take free education and monthly student support for granted but I have learnt to appreciate it since I have traveled to other countries. System works because as a student you really have to earn your place in the University. The school gets money from the government as the student has reached annually demanded credits and when the students graduates.

In Finland there is 0% of corruption. If there is, the whole country will certainly hear about it. We are serious in that way.  Finns do seem a bit serious at times but as workers they are very valued for having that feature.  I think Finns are like the seasons in Finland, they are a bit more extreme than in other countries. Let me explain: Finns work hard and produce good quality. When Finns party they consume much more alcohol than others. Even if you are a Finn that doesn’t think they drink a lot, you probably still drink more than your foreign friends. See my point of taking everything seriously?

Finns take their humor seriously too. Believe it or not, Finns laugh a lot and comedians have come even more popular in Finland than before.  Even though many people in this county says that Finns are introverts, I have to say that this is not so true. Finns like to travel around the world and these days people have many foreign friends. One Irishman who had lived in Finland for nine years said that Finns are like coconuts. It’s hard to get trough the shell but when you make friends with them you feel very comfortable and they tend to be friendships that last for a lifetime. He also told me that Finns don’t think much of themselves even though we are highly educated and fluent in many languages. Modesty is something we have learnt from our ancestors since we are a country that has risen from poverty to wealth in such a short time. The Irishman also admired the loyalty of Finns. He once lost his wallet in Finland and got it back few day later. He had over 200€ in cash in his wallet and once he got it back, everything was there. He told us to be more prouder of ourselves. And we should be.


Once you get a Finnish friend, normally he/she or  their family has a cabin by the lake and you are invited there. Finns do like holidays by the water. (may explain why Finns are such a good swimmers) Finns love sauna. Every household has one. The first time I lived abroad I was actually surprised that people don’t have saunas in their houses. Sauna is very traditional way to spend time with your friends in Finland. Summertime is great since it’s warm and you can smell birch branches in the sauna. We use those to whip yourself or your mate. It’s kinda relaxing. After the sauna you jump into a cool lake before running to sauna again to warm up.

When winter comes nothing changes, you just have to make a hole in the ice. And birch branches are not recommended since they wont feel so soft without their leafs. And if you are lucky you can see northern lights in the sky. That is one of the most magical things to foreigners and for Finns too.


I could write many facts about Finland but for now this will do. I wrote a lot about the people living in that Northern country because, you know, they’re not all that bad. 🙂




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