Finnishness for me

What to means to be Finnish? -That means to me a lot and I tell you why. My personal favorite thing is to be Finnish is winter, sauna, peaceful and pure nature and “the sisu”.


Winter is my favorite time of year.  Especially late winter when day is longer than autumn winter and sun is shining.  Then is great to be do outside activities like ice skating, ice fishing and my one of favorite things snowboarding. In Finland we have lot of ski resorts and Finland has one of best national team for snowboarding.


I live of my youngling time in countryside so when I was young I spent time to playing the near forest. I also was fishing a lot. Nature are pure you can go to collect berries and mushrooms.  In Finland we have also every-mans-right what means you can hiking and camping forest regardless who they own. That it is awesome.

Also we have word and thing what we call “The Sisu” that mean that something maybe goes wrong and it gets hard and harder, you still trying and finished the thing.  It is

We are nation who loves to peace and personal space. We don’t speak lot of small talk and it is awkward speak with strangers.   But we made exception one place:  Sauna is only place where Finns don’t have personal space and we also are naked and maybe talks small talk, and that is kind of funny when I realize that writing this blog post and that is some kind of funny.


It is great to be Finnish.

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