My Experiences of Finnishness

What Finnishness mean to me?

I´m free

The principal thing that Finnishness means to me is freedom. I´m free to decide the basics of my life such as where I live, work or what is my education. Of course, especially the last two I mentioned require hard work but for example education is almost free for everyone.

I also mean human rights issued when I speak about freedom. To my mind in Finland there is freedom of expression and speech. In my experience, we can express ourselves freely when we talk about social and private matters. We also have some legally guaranteed freedom which are prohibited by law in many other countries. For example, to decide our sexual orientation, religious liberty and the right to abortion.

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I´m always close to nature

Finland is famous for its pure nature and wilderness areas. I can say that I´m always close to nature because we have several nature reserves. When I want to go in a natural place it takes only about 15 minutes by walk even though I live in the centre of the third largest city in Finland. If I use a car, I can discover an awesome hiking areas just about an hour drive away. All over Finland are located dozens of national parks so it is possible for Finns to visit these wonderful places regardless of where you live. Even though most of the national parks are government area, many cities and municipalities have invested specific nature areas where people can visit to relax.

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The traditional Finnish things what I love


Sweating and purity. When Finnish is in the sauna it is a time to relax, or have social interaction as well. For me, it is both depending on the situation. When I´m home at the sauna I don’t spend lot of time there, it´s usually a short relaxation time. But when we go to public sauna whit my friends it´s time to convers and socialized. Finns are famous about poor small talk skills but in the public sauna they change that behaviour. In my opinion, one of the best things a Finnish winter is the hole in frozen lake and sauna.

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Christmas means to me time with family, good food and chocolate, specific TV-programs e.g. Santa´s Hot Line and Snowman and of course, giving and having Christmas presents. When I was a child I enjoy both the real Christmas tree which we had with my dad, and my mum home cooked food and bakery. These habits I try to keep in my own-made Christmas. Every Christmas I also lose my mind because of flowers, so my home is like a flower shop all Holidays.

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  1. Wow, amazing post! Simple but effective, I totally catch the finish spirit for a minute thanks to share that.

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