Winter is Coming!

Summer? YES! My first thought was: Is there such thing here?


Kind Of! One of the things that most impressed me about finnish people, is that they think that the summer in Finland is the most amazing thing that could possibly exist (It is still cold, rainy, and last year the summer was in a Thursday-necessary joke). Life in a way is surrounded by the weather predictions. It is the top1 thing everyone is looking forward. How will the weather be? I can say I have never done this before, in Brazil it will either be +30 or +32 (Always)


As a Brazilian, I could say for sure I come from a “always summer” country. During the winter, we can easily have +32 and the unique difference is that sometimes it rains. But being from a summer country made me conclude: You should come to brazil during summer, because we are a warm country…


But what about Finland? Oh! There´s nothing to talk about , it is a Winter country (And what a cold one!) But still!!!!! When you talk to Finn, they will say: Come here during the summer!     …      (what?)


To all the people thinking about visiting Finland, here goes a statement: Come here during the winter! That might sound crazy, but that’s it! Its incredibly beautiful, cold (Oh my!) and the atmosphere is just perfect. Thats what Finland is good at! The possibilities are many, from sleeping in a glass room to watch the Northern lights, skiing and all those cool things!



In my opinion the most amazing aspect about the culture here in Finland is that people are very honest! I have never realized how this is an important aspect of life. The statistics prove that Finland is one of the most honest countries in the world, while on the other hand, Brazil is not doing well in that list. But the main thing that caught my attention, is the fact that this is not only related to the politicians or political aspects of the country, but the society as whole, every single thing here seems to work, all the banks, the schools, the hospitals and everything else. Finnish people have on themselves this duty of behaving properly and honestly, and that is incredible.


In Finland life is close to nature and forests are everywhere. Sometimes the ladscape from a place to another can be incredible. One hobbie I have developed here is to take walks in the forest, they are safe, beautiful and the best place to take pictures and I also noticed that there’s always someone doing the same which means that nature is a important part of life in Finland.

Stereotypes are not great, but as a fact, most Finnish people are shy, and making friends in Finland might be a thing. But one thing I can say for sure: Once you have a Finnish friend, you truly have a friend you can count on.

This is a fascinating country and I could say even a hidden pearl in Europe.  But it is always good to have in mind: Winter is coming!

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