Finns and their characteristics

For me something that departures us Finnish people from other in the world is our personality and culture that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Even compered to our close neighbours Sweden and Russia, we have our own thing going on. I thought that I would write more about a couple of things that I like and can relate to about us Finnish people and our characteristics.

The respect for silence

I love the fact that Finnish people don’t have to talk all the time when being in interaction with people. We don’t do small talk that good, which can be a problem when we are with other people from abroad that like to keep the conversation going. That’s why we Finnish people can be considered rude sometimes although we don’t mean to be. I like the fact that you can sometimes be silent with a friend and it’s not awkward. It’s nice to

The Finnish resilience

I think Finnish people are strong and persistent.  We don’t give up easily. Our Finnish resilience, also called “sisu”, means a certain kind of courage that can be seen at moments and situations where success has come against odds. In the history of Finland, we have shown our “sisu” in different sporting events and in the winter war. I think “sisu” is seen in every Finn in a daily basis in our lives. Just the mentality that we have for things that we are passionate about.


This is also something I really like about Finnish people. We are almost always on time and if are late we are very sorry about it. I’m the kind of person that is rather early that late and that’s why I appreciate that Finnish people respect the schedules and plans that have been made. I think this is something at foreigners appreciate about us Finnish people. We are reliable in business and in personal life.


Finnish lake scene at night
Finnish lake scene at night

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