Weird Finnish habits

I would say one typical Finnish thing is the need for personal space. It’s that serious that it’s even funny. I mean it doesn’t matter even if would be snowing or raining etc. Finns usually leave some space between others for example at the bus stops. Here is a photo to demonstrate that:

Finns at the bus stop

Another thing I think Finland is even a little famous for, is the sauna. It is seen as a stereotype that Finns like being in the sauna for really long periods of time. The hotter the better. And also, we go to sauna naked. Yes, this might be a shock to some, but that’s how we like to do it. And to finish all this “weirdness” we like to spank each other or ourselves with this birch whisk called “vihta” in the sauna. It is seen as a cleaning ritual of some sort.



In addition to the above mentioned Finnish habits, there are trademarks that have made Finland known abroad as well. These are Marimekko, Fiskars, Polar and Angry Birds  -just to name a few.

All in all, Finland is a good place to live and not all Finns possess these stereotypical qualities. In general, Finns are friendly and outgoing people.

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