Finnishness for me

Since I was a little kid I was always travelling to Finland with my family. For me Finland it’s like second home, however, with different language. Every time when I am crossing the border from Russia to Finland it feels so calm and stable. Feels like you meant to be here. Finland is attractive for me with a huge infrastructure, organization and of course impressive nature. When I started my studies in Finland first of all I dreamed to see the northern lights which I actually saw in the first month of my university. It was just stunning (unfortunately on the photo it’s not like in reality).


The second thing was to swim in a freezing water after the famous Finnish sauna. It was unforgettable experience. Finnish culture sometimes can be seen as weird coz if you look at the people they respect a lot a personal space, they sit alone in the bus and have a minimum one meter between them all the time. But probably it’s because of the cold weather and scariness of other people.


About Finnish cuisine. My favourite dish is salmon soup which you can take regularly in the university canteen. Another famous thing is Salmiakki or just liquorice, the taste which I think my palate will never understand, it really tastes weird, but for Finns they are sweet 😊 I’ve heard they are healthy while you are sick.

Finland is a nice place to be. It is very international and different. I found my best friends in Finland and understood what I need in my life. 


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