My experiences of Finnishness

I have lived in Finland for around two years and Finland leaves me a peaceful image on my mind. Probably because everything is white in the winter and Finnish people are all kind to me. When I arrived in Finland at the first time, I found that it was so hard to get close to Finnish people because most of them are so introverted and barely talk to each other. But after a period of time, I started to have some local friends and feel that making friends with Finnish people was not that hard as I imagined.

I was born and raised in a warm city so that Finnish winter would be a really special existence for me  because I have never been through such cold winter in my life. I tried a lot of Finnish activities such as ice-skating and skiing. I have experienced northern light for the first time as well. I haven’t been to Lapland yet, and the northern light there would be even stronger. I am putting Lapland on my to-go list and definitely will visit there some day.

Another typical Finnish thing that I have to mention is Finnish Sauna. Before I came to Finland, I have had already heard that Finland is famous for sauna. After arriving here, I finally got a chance to experience it. It was in winter, me and my friends were staying in sauna for around 15 minutes and we rushed out and jumped into the ice water. That was crazy and I felt like I challenged myself. Anyway, this experience is like once in a lifetime and I really had a lot of fun.

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