My experiences of Finnishness


Finland is a safe country to live. In many studies Finland has been voted one of the best welfare states. Many foreigners admire the Finnish education system and health care system. Every Finn should appreciate these systems. I think these systems are big reasons for why Finland is considered as a good country to live.

Finnish summer

Lakes, summercottage, nightless night, Midsummer, nature, festivals.. The best time of the year is summer! One of the most relaxing moments is to sit at the pier of the summer cottage, admiring the silent lake and beautiful nature. Missing those moments already. Additionally Finnish nature is so beautiful.






Many Finns love sauna. Sauna is the hot room where people are naked. foreigners wonder that Finnish habit. In addition there are many musicfestivals in Finland. It´s wonderful to enjoy good music in the  summer evening.


Winter in Finland

It´s a lot of snow in winter, at least in Lapland. Many Finns like to ski and ice-skate in winter. Children ski and ice-skate already in the elementaryschool. Finnish people begin to wait for Christmas on november. People spend time with their loved ones on Christmas.





Finnish language

Finnish language is different and difficult to learn. I appreciate immigrants who have learned to speak Finnish language.

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