Some thoughts about Finland

People wait all year for summer and still it lasts only 3 months in Finland. Nature comes alive and and sun never sets. Even though summer is so beloved I still can’t wait early autumn with autumn colours and foggy mornings.  Somehow I’m in love with melancholy weather with a little rain and grey weather. I love snow with a little frost but it’s the darkness I hate. Most of Finns get winter depression or winter fatigue but luckily it’s only seasonal.  I can truly admit that I need more sleep during winters. I think that’s the reason why Finns drink most coffee in the Europe. To stay awake here in darkness which lasts several months!

Summer at countryside

Cold winter
Autumn colours

I think it’s a priviledge to have such a good healthcare here in Finland. We don’t have to pay much to see doctor and we don’t have to pay at all to see the nurse or public health nurse. And because I’m a student, to see a doctor is even  cheaper. If there’s been an accident, nobody asks you if you have the insurance so you can be cured. Doctors and nurses will cure you anyway. We look after each other and we make sure that everybody has a right to have a healtcare.

My education costs me nothing. Not a single euro. Sure we have here private schools which aren’t gratis. You can still study medicine and become a doctor without that you have to pay an arm and a leg. Students can have also student allowance so you can afford to pay a rent. Not bad I would say.

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  1. Ella, There is one place here in the USA where people drink as much coffee as in Finland–Seattle, Washington in our extreme northwest on the Pacific Ocean. My daughter lives there, and her coffee consumption is daily and very strong! They get little snow, but it is cool and cloudy all winter and not much sun at other times.

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