Thoughts about Finland and Finnishness

Finland is place known for its amazing nature. It’s called land of thousand lakes. Many tourists are interest especially in Lapland to see winter wonderland and maybe even northern lights. We also have very clear seasons of the year. In some parts of Finland in summer sun doesn’t set even at nights and in winter sun doesn’t rise even at days.

The Finnish culture is very different compared to other European cultures. For an example in Mediterranean countries people are chatty and talk with their whole body. Finnish people are otherwise kind of their opposite, we’re bad small talkers and want to keep our own personal space as large as possible. People don’t normally talk strangers and people are not comfortable talking foreign language, even though they would know how to speak it.

Below you can see what I meant by people liking their own personal space.

So, Finnish people are quite shy, but they are also very caring and trustworthy. They want to do their best at work, in family and as persons. Maybe that is because of sisu, which kind of means power inside of you that will help you achieve and be determined. Things may be hard, but with sisu, you can do it. Finnish people are known for this and we’re proud of it.

Finns have many local foods. My personal favorites are Karelian pies and Finnish fish pasty. One of the known Finnish candy is Salmiakki, which foreigners normally don’t like (I can’t blame them). In Tampere, we have our own traditional food, Finnish blood sausage. This is also food foreigners don’t like, the name of the food sure takes appetite away.





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