Diverse Finland

Finland is known as its thousands lakes and beautiful nature. In lapland we have hills and in west we have flat fields, east we have countless lakes. With all these different kinds of terrains there is also weather seasons which stand out very well.

In spring we see how nature starts to wake up after a long winter. Soon the ground, which look dark and dead, comes alive with little flowers and the trees start to open they leaves. Mostly this season is still pretty cold and it rains a lot.
When we get to the summer we hope to have warm and long summer but most of the time it is short and rainy.  In average we have temperatures between 10-20 degrees celsius. Summer is also odd season because sun does not set at all in lapland and also in south the nights are light. Summer is best time in Finland if the weather is favourable. Most of Finnish people find they ways to summer cottages and closer to the nature. Best nigths are when you have your close ones with you on a cottage and you have just came out of sauna and then jump to the lake. Later you eat some grilled food and enjoy the view.
In Autumn the nature starts to prepare it self to the winter. Everything turns in different shades of orange. Weather is colder and rainy. Sometimes we have little storms when cold and warm air meets.

In Winter it starts freezing and snowing. Now a days we haven not had such good snowy winter than we used to have. Average the temperature is under minus degrees, but we have some balmy periods when temperature can even be plus 5. Coldest that has ever been measured in Finland is -51,5 degrees celsius. In winter we have all kind of activities like skiing, ice-skating, downhill skiing, ice swimming and many more. It is also traditional to warm up in sauna and then run to the snow and roll all over. It keeps you blood circulation busy!

Finland is also known from its education system. Finland have free education for all. Our rates are also high standards. In year of 7 we start our elementary school and then you can continue as you wish to the high school or vocational school and so on.


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