Technology- pros and cons

There are many things I am satisfied with Finland but one very noticeable in everyday life is its advanced technology.  That is also the feedback I get also from foreigners.  Everything is nowadays possible to complete by online, with computer, automatic systems, phones, phone applications, credit cards – the list is endless. It has eased our everyday life and we can rely on those machines because they are much more stabile and clever than human minds.  I am of course very thankful for all the technical  development in medicine which allows us to live longer and healthier. The list of  benefits that the improving technology offers us becomes longer every day.

However, we should always think carefully what should we change and how much and what should be preserved in the way the nature intended it to be.  Of course it depends a lot on what kind of field do you work or study. Since I study and work on a field of arts I will always appreciate the natural handprint, sound and movement . That is the area that technology has taken it too far from natural.  When I first saw this task to write a blog I got really frustrated. I get awful headaches from writing on a computer, my wrist,  shoulders  and low back are hurting after ten minutes. So I have to make breaks often and at that time my thoughts get disturbed. So what should I do? Wear wrist warmers, sit on a special chair, take 600 mg of ibuprofen? I admit, in a way it is faster and easier to write a long text on the computer but a blog like this should be suggested to made  in a way that is suitable and improves each student in his/hers own study field. Of course computer skills are extreme crucial in Finland because many duties are easier to do online.  Anyway,  there should be also an other chance to complete some tasks.

I would benefit and enjoy more this blog if I could speak or perform it. And honestly, I would enjoy also others blogs more if they were performed in other ways, even handwritten.

While traveling abroad I have remarked that the children in Finland are extremely advanced in using newest technology and smartphones.  That is of course a positive thing in many ways but alarming is how the technology has taken too big part of the learning methods at school.  I can’t understand why children have to study for example mathematics or languages by using tablets?! They have their whole hands and fingers that they should use and not only the tip of the finger. Handwriting activates much more your brains  than staring at the screen. Or students could go outside to study mathematics  by for example counting trees or stones.  We could stay more healthy without doing some ergonomic exercises and instead doing everyday task with more old fashion way.

I am very thankful for the opportunity of studying abroad, learn about new cultures and spread information about Finland but at the same time I want  seriously to concentrate on and put all my energy and time into my studies and learn the language. At this point I would prefer to do these writings in other ways – the ways that would be worth for my artistic development. In the Finnish education I have unfortunately faced too many pointless and just for my profession unnecessary tasks that take precious time from the tasks that are worth for my profession. If I have special interest or need a skill to write a blog in my profession I would benefit from writing this blog.  Hopefully someday I can see some advances of completing these tasks.

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