My second home

Don’t be so surprised if I told you in my 20, Finland is the very first time ever I had been abroad. It had been a whole new world and the biggest change to me back then.

Throwing back to the first snow, It’s more than words could describe. Not only because It was the first time I was really exposed to snow. It marked the biggest move in my life so far. I was no more living in a tropical country.

Beautiful but a bit sad it is I have to say.

The first winter came so fast and lasted so long. However, Finland has its own ways to cheer up its people. Sauna has become a part of the culture. Nothing is better a hot sauna in freezing weather. Together with it, walking on the frozen lake, trying ice fishing are also an interesting way to entertain during the coldest time of the year. Skating and skiing are also winter’s favorite treats.



And Finnish summer comes charmingly and splendidly which absolutely worths the wait. I enjoyed watching the transformation of the ground after months of snow and ice. In contrast with winter, summer is full of colors from a variety of flowers, lively green of forests and glimmering lakes.  The things that I like the most in summer are eating ice cream in the sun, riding a bicycle and jogging through the forest and last but not least, swimming in natural lakes.

Finnish people are quite closed and shy. However, they are very nice neighbors and decent company when you get to know them more.  Life in Finland is simple and peaceful, freedom yet private.  I have gone through many places in Europe and Asia, however, Finland is always my best shelter after all.

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