Home Sweet Home

People around the world comes to see amazing views of Lapland and the famous northern lights. They do winter sports and take as much as photos they can reach. My granny lives in Kolari which is small town in northern Finland so I have been spending a lot of time in there in my life. This is the reason why I feel being in home when I am in Lapland. Every winter I go back there just to see the real winter with a lot of snow and the freezing nights. Those days when there is so cold that the snow is crunching under my shoes are loveliest days of winter.

Spending all my summer and winter holidays there I miss all the time the peace what I have in there walking around the forest. Nature what we have in Finland is a magical and I think we Finns don’t appreciate that as much as we should. From a little girl I have been hiking in Ylläs and in Äkäslompolo. Walking around in the forest hearing only voices from birds and little streams is what I call peace. We should tell the entire world that Finland is beautiful in summer time too. Best thing for me I can do in Finland are of course hiking, fishing and picking berries. My aunt spends almost whole summer in the forest picking all kind of berries. She has taught me to appreciate the nature and all the things its giving us.


I know that I am not the only Finn who loves the peace of forest and I think that is the reason why people say that we don’t speak much and we need our own place. I love being on my own and well I don’t care if someone says that I am quiet. My opinion of that is that it should not be a negative thing to say about us. We should be proud of that we don’t need to be loud all the time and that we are independent persons. Well at least I am proud of that because I know it is a part of who I am. Still the world is changing and so are we Finns so we will be more open to strangers. I know that we young people are already and so the change has already happened and it has not stopped. I want to learn about different countries more than especially my grandmother has ever wanted. Now when I go to Slovenia I will be a proud Finn and I will tell everything what they want to know about our beautiful Finland.

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