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Story about laptop, ipad and backpack travelling around Finland

I will tell about one of my most memorable experience in my life in Finland, and this event makes me more respect Finnish people and society.

[Story about laptop, ipad and backpack travelling around Finland ALONE]

After taking VR from Helsinki to Tampere, they left their boss (it’s me) to start their journey on the train ALONE. They visited Hämeenlinna, Kokkola, Oulu and many other places. Then they took a long rest in Oulu for 2 weeks, and started the journey again to Rovaniemi :okay: Even their boss didn’t go there :okay:
Their three-week journey finally finished, and their boss has to pay their travel budgets 😩 But luckily, they arrived at home safely.

In other words, I forgot my backpack including my laptop, ipad and headphone on VR train. If I live in another country, definitely they will be disappeared immediately. But luckily, VR staffs and Lost&Found office supported me a lot and in result, I received my expensive stuffs safely in front of my apartment’s door.

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Picture of my stuffs in the backpack. 

Until now I am really appreciated and respected Finland and Finns, especially who helped me in getting back these stuffs.

From bad-luck my experience, everyone would know that how Finnish people trustworthy are (no one touched my backpack although it traveled a long way till Oulu), how Finnish services reliable and supported are (Lost&Found service contacted me and after having my address, they sent my stuffs with packaging carefully immediately). For me, this is FINNISHNESS.

My dear home country

Like almost everyone else here, I’m going to write about nature and silence. I have noticed that our nature is really important for me. Especially when I have grown up. I live in a big city with lots of traffic and people. My parents are both from countryside so I have spent some time there as well. Our grandma lives in countryside and my family visit her weekly. The silence in countryside is amazing. The air feels better and you can see the stars perfectly. That is something I don’t experience in big city.

Sometimes when I visit my grandma I just go outside and listen. I can hear the birds, the wind and other sounds from the nature. It is very lovely. It’s amazing how wonderful silence can be. Somehow I connect Finnishness and silence. In Finland we have a lot of countryside and little villages. We don’t have many big cities. And actually our biggest cities are quite small. Anyway, all those small villages are so adorable, tiny and silent. When I visit my grandma and we go to the “city center” there is just a few people. I somehow love those small villages and towns and for me it’s very important to get out of the big city I live in. When I go to countryside I forgot all the stress and work I should do.

Almost everyone in Finland have a summer cottage where they spend their summers. Usually these cottages are far away from the cities in the middle of the forest and by lake. I believe all Finns love their cottages. It’s a place for relaxing. For almost every Finn nature and silence is very important and that is one reason why we have so many cottages. Sometimes you just need to get out of the city and hear the silence and nature. And if you are lucky, you don’t have any neighbors near and you don’t have to speak with anyone. It’s just you and the silence.


Still us?

What are we like here in Finland? I guess the first things that come to mind are that we are a bit anti-social at times, we like our personal space, nature, our summer cottages and saunas. We are a very punctual nation and if we promise to do something, it most certainly will get done. We complain about the never-ending bureaucracy in our systems, but also expect everything to go by the book. I suppose these are all somewhat stereotypical ideas, but they do have quite a bit of truth behind them as well. Although, there are big regional differences as well – we are not the same in the south and up in the north.

As the world changes, it will also probably affect us as a people as well. We are more and more influenced by other cultures through the internet, tv, social media, work and studies, and that’s bound to change our behavior in some ways. We travel abroad and get familiar with new ways of doing things and people traveling here or moving to Finland will bring some of their traditions and behavior patterns with them. We can already see young people become more open and social, getting a bit unfamiliar with nature and for example having favorite foods like sushi or pizza.

I do hope, that this new global world will make us more open to new possibilities in our behavior. But I also believe, that it is important for a nation to hold on to some of their own wacky, stereotypical ways of living – after all, that’s what makes us Finnish.

The beautiful four seasons

For me what I find most beautiful about Finland is the nature and the constantly changing seasons. I think it’s awesome to live in country with full four seasons and see the changes the seasons have in the nature.  As a Finn I live constantly seeing the seasons change and how the season effect the nature. I think it’s nice that so many cities in Finland have threes in the city. It’s nice because then you can easier follow the change of the seasons.

Because it’s spring right now I think it just right to start with admiring how beautiful spring is in Finland. Spring starts with a little bit of bad weather but I’m always clad that the snow melts away. It’s always lovely to see the plants start to thrive and we can finally start to leave our winter clothes to the closet. We celebrate Easter in spring. I personally think that Finnish Easter celebration is fun for children. When spring is coming to an end the threes are full of green leaves and we are finally ready for the summer and summer vacations.

Finnish summer might not be the warmest but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the summer. Even when our summer might me little too cold and rainy we still enjoy it. In Finland many families have summer cottages near a lake. If a family doesn’t have their own cottage they might rent one for brief time because it’s part of Finnish summer. It is almost a tradition to go to a summer cottage for Juhannus. The other Juhannus tradition is to go to a music festival. Music festivals are also a big part of our summer. There is so many that I think almost every music genre has their own music festival in Finland. Finnish summer is not about the warmest weather it’s about the ability to enjoy the even a slightly warmer weather. And of course, the lovely colorful nature.

When you get bored of the warm and sunny weather finally comes the fall. Leaves start to fall and it’s starting to get colder and it’s going to rain but not too much. When all the leaves have fallen you just know or hope that it’s going to start snowing soon. I think the fall weather is the best weather for jogging and running. It is not too hot and not too cold. During fall you are just waiting for winter.

Even though winter is cold in summer. Everyone waits for it. Almost everyone has that one winter sport they do. During winter there is so many different sports you can do. For children I think winter is a wonderful time of the year because it’s so fun to play in the snow. Not everyone likes winter but everyone wants to have snow during Christmas. When we don’t have snow during Christmas that doesn’t stop us from having a great Christmas. I love to spend Christmas with my family and it’s our tradition to spend our Christmas with family. I think this is almost every family’s tradition in Finland.

At the end of winter everybody is already waiting for spring and summer.  But when summer end everybody is already waiting for winter and Christmas. I think this is the most beautiful part in Finland, the four seasons and how our lives revolve around the four seasons. I don’t think I could live in a country where there is constantly warm. I want to experience all  the four seasons and admire their beauty and in Finland I can do that.


Thoughts about Finland

When people talk about Finland following things are often said; beautiful nature, long cold and dark winters, summer with midnight sun, good education, good public healthcare. Finland is also known for equality and everyone with different economical background is chance to succeed in life with study and hard work.

Weather changes heavily depending what season is going on. Personally, I like that weather is not always same. Different  season offers different type of hobbies and outdoor activities.

         Outdoor ice hockey field              Playing golf in summer

Finland´s has a diverse environment. From Turku archipelago to mountains in Lapland.

Things I value most in Finland are free good education even in universities. Public healthcare is working in very affordable price. You can trust police and other authorities.  Taxes are quite high in Finland but I will happily pay taxes to get good working public services

Finnish people are often little bit shy with strangers and are not big fan of small talk. This might seem rude to foreigners who are used to have small talk and greet strangers in their own culture. Exception to our normal behavior is when we drink alcohol and suddenly we can talk all-night.

The Dwarf Birch

In certain areas in the arctic parts of the world  grows a species of a tree called dwarf birch. As the name implies the dwarf birch doesn’t appear tall and majestic like many other trees, quite opposite it keeps a low profile and doesn’t creak much. Not many knows that even though the dwarf birch is living under a pretty rough environment it can still make the flame even freshly cut without giving a damn about the climate conditions unlike any other wood.

As one can guess the harsh nature of this tree is mostly due to the lack of sun and cold weather and one who has seen a dwarf birch in it’s natural habitat might think that; why does the dwarf birch even grow here where it’s dark and cold most of the year? To be honest the dwarf birch thinks about that often by himself too while enjoying one star ”Jaloviina” alone and wearing only his long johnsons.

Sometimes when it’s too dark too long the dwarf birch might start to question his existence. It is the universal rule of nature that desperate times call for desperate measures and then even a dwarf birch starts to lust for entertainment and that is when a finn… i mean the dwarf branch gets these crazy ideas about making a hole in to a frozen lake and dive in to the ice cold water just to feel how it really feels to be alive. But these are just a few things about the dwarf birches and in the end one cannot simply learn the secrets of the dwarf people… i mean the finnish… dwarf birches just by reading about them, it is just like getting to know any other culture, you just have to go there and experience it by yourself.

Is Finnishness a real word?

Studying abroad in Finland is and will be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Having resided in Tampere, Finland for almost 20 months, I would say that I have adapted to Finnish culture quite fast and overall, everything is quite good!

Back home, I am  always surrounded by people and transports. It is usually very loud and noisy everywhere I go. I did not really appreciate the silence. Everything seems to be different here in Finland. I start to realize the beauty of silence. I manage to live alone and now being alone is a part of my daily life.

I never used public transport back home, and now I never use anything other than public transport in Finland. What a life changing experience. You can never imagine me feeling nervous for the first week utilizing buses in Finland. You have to wave, or raise the bus card for the bus to stop. It is actually different etiquette depeding on regions. I went to Turku and nobody waves except for me and my friend. Suddenly we became weirdos 🙂

I did not really like sauna at first because it was too hot and believe me or not I come from a tropical climate country. Somehow, I cope with the hot issue now. I would go sauna once or twice a week currently, sometimes with friend(s) and usually alone. I am very comfortable with being 100% naked in the sauna!

I notice myself going for fast food 100 times more than me back home. Here many people like burgers just like me like rice. Unfortunately, rice still beats over burger if I have to choose only one option for lunch/dinner. Mentioning about food, I learnt all kind of Finnish table manners. What I come to conclusion is that you can do whatever you want. It is a free country my friend.

Spotify is very popular in Finland. My friend told me because the application was cheap and sufficient to use. Everybody here use internet packages so that they can get access to the Internet 24/7 anywhere around Finland.

Somehow, I like the idea of Finns wanting to have their own space. I mean, it is great to live in your own world without anybody disrupting it! Being lonely and alone is completely different. I like the quiet atmosphere now. It is like your mind and the whole universe just emerge into one. I know it sounds fun in a way, however, trust me on this, the silence is actually very loud as well.

Last but not least, my student mentality of going for free stuffs fits Finns’ mentality as well. Great!

Go back to the question posed in this blog post heading, according to Oxford dictionary, the answer is no.