The Dwarf Birch

In certain areas in the arctic parts of the world  grows a species of a tree called dwarf birch. As the name implies the dwarf birch doesn’t appear tall and majestic like many other trees, quite opposite it keeps a low profile and doesn’t creak much. Not many knows that even though the dwarf birch is living under a pretty rough environment it can still make the flame even freshly cut without giving a damn about the climate conditions unlike any other wood.

As one can guess the harsh nature of this tree is mostly due to the lack of sun and cold weather and one who has seen a dwarf birch in it’s natural habitat might think that; why does the dwarf birch even grow here where it’s dark and cold most of the year? To be honest the dwarf birch thinks about that often by himself too while enjoying one star ”Jaloviina” alone and wearing only his long johnsons.

Sometimes when it’s too dark too long the dwarf birch might start to question his existence. It is the universal rule of nature that desperate times call for desperate measures and then even a dwarf birch starts to lust for entertainment and that is when a finn… i mean the dwarf branch gets these crazy ideas about making a hole in to a frozen lake and dive in to the ice cold water just to feel how it really feels to be alive. But these are just a few things about the dwarf birches and in the end one cannot simply learn the secrets of the dwarf people… i mean the finnish… dwarf birches just by reading about them, it is just like getting to know any other culture, you just have to go there and experience it by yourself.

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